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December 20, 2019 2 min read

We all want to let our hair down and let it flow with proud freedom. Try the following natural ingredients for thicker hair with locks that look healthier overall.

1.) Ginger Root

Ginger root is known as a rhizome. A rhizome is a type of underground plant or vegetation that grows from a root or shoots.

Because ginger root is known to have astringent, anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties, it can be used to promote healthier hair.

According to the site Live Strong, mixing a tablespoon or so of finely grated fresh ginger root with a couple tablespoons of olive oil can greatly improve hair’s appearance, and the health of your scalp. Simply rub this mixture into hair before using shampoo in the shower. Let it sit for at least 20 to 30 minutes for the best results.

2.) Honey

According to sources, historic beauties have often used this golden substance to not only improve the thickness and strength of their hair, but their complexion too.

“…honey is a humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture. This makes honey a natural fit in a variety of moisturizing products including cleansers, creams, shampoos and conditioners,” writes the National Honey Board.

This means, instead of becoming dry and breaking or splitting at the ends, hair is supple with moisture and becomes naturally repaired.

3.) Thyme

Thyme is another essential oil that can promote circulation.

“Blood circulation is stimulated by thyme,” says the site Natural Alternative Remedy. 

“Consequently, rubbing an oil mixture that has thyme in it on your scalp helps to promote the delivery of nutrients for the entire scalp and supports hair development,” they write.

4.) Basil

Basil essential oil is also known to be a stimulant. Experts theorize that stimulants may help encourage hair growth by triggering the hair follicle to begin production again.

According to the Indian Spot, mixing a couple tablespoons of coconut oil with a few drops of basil essential oil can help prevent hair loss, reduce signs of dandruff and perhaps even improve the appearance of gray hair.

5.) Peppermint

Like thyme and basil essential oils, peppermint is also known to be a stimulant that can ‘wake-up’ hair follicles.

“Peppermint oil is rapidly becoming one of the most efficient and useful essential oils for treating the scalp and improving hair growth, it is an excellent natural oil for rejuvenating the hair follicles and increasing healthy hair growth, it is very hypoallergenic, this means that it will not cause allergic reactions,” writes Chris Perrellio of Hairy Scalp.

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