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Are your products vegan?

Some of our products contain animal-sourced ingredients such as honey or yogurt. These ingredients are all listed clearly on packaging and on our website listings. Honey, beeswax, and propolis are created by honeybees through various methods. To our knowledge, the honeybees are not harmed in the extraction processes. Many Vegans do not consider honey or other bee derived ingredients animal-sourced. To each their own. If you have a specific product question, please contact us directly, we are always happy to help.


 I am gluten-free. Can I use your products?

Because we use wheat proteins in our haircare products, they are not Gluten Free. The Honey and Oat Bar soap is also not Gluten Free. Many people with a gluten intolerance can still use topical products that are not ingested. If you are Celiac, please know that we do not manufacture our products in a gluten free facility.

 Do you test on animals?

Not animals, just our family and friends.

Do your products contain alcohol?

Let’s put the “Alcohol” in Cetearyl Alcohol to rest. IT IS NOT THE ALCOHOL LIKE YOU DRINK OR THE KIND YOU BUY AS A DISINFECTANT. Ceteraryl is a mixture of fatty alcohols consisting predominantly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols found in plants, like Coconut and Palm oils (Wiki) and is made by combining fatty alcohols from such vegetable sources. Cetearyl Alcohol is used in cosmetics as a stabilizer to thicken an emulsion and keep it from separating. Cosmetic products labeled "alcohol free" are allowed to contain cetearyl alcohol, whose effects are quite different from skin-aggravating forms of alcohol. Fatty alcohols like cetearyl alcohol do not pose a risk of sensitizing skin. Fatty alcohols can actually lock in moisture when used on the skin.  It contains emollient properties which impart a smooth, soft, feel to both the product and the skin. Fatty alcohols, like Cetearyl Alcohol, are not irritating and, in fact, are beneficial for dry skin. 
Toxicity: Cetearyl Alcohol is generally classified as being of no to low hazard or toxicity (EWG).


Do your products contain Parabens?

We have never used Parabens in our products. Parabens are chemical preservatives that keep bacteria from forming in skin and hair care products. Please check EWG.org for more information on the hazards associated with Parabens in skincare.

 Do your products contain sulfates and why don’t you use them?

Our bar soap and liquid soap are made the old fashion way, with oils and fatty natural butters and lye. Most of the big box soap you find in drug stores are made with harsh chemicals and detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate. We hand make our soap in small batches using the same saponification process your grandparent’s grandparents used. The result- a moisturizing castile soap you know is safe to use.

 Does your lip balm have SPF?

A number of raw ingredients used in our products naturally protect against the sun, such as the beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil. We do not use SPF numbers because these natural ingredients are hard for the FDA to measure their protection.

Is there a shelf life on your products?

Because we use natural ingredients and not using synthetic preservatives most of our products have a 2 year shelf life. This expiration is a soft expiration and many of our products will last longer, depending on storage conditions and climate. If you have any questions on batch codes, manufacture dates and expiration please feel free to contact us.