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Sink Side Gift Box

You or your family will just love this "Sink Side" Gift Box. Include is your choice of  2 Foaming soaps and 1 Hand Cream.  Perfect for any sink in your house -- or any sink in any other house.  This gift is perfect for keeping your hands perfectly soft and supple. Even though our foaming soap is the most moisturizing you will find, the added benefit of our hand cream is the perfect ending to your hand cleaning regiment.

This Buzz Box is a Pack of 3  Foaming Hand Soap.  Same great Foaming Soap that you love but it comes in a beautiful gift box.  Send it to a friend or a loved one who will appreciate beautiful hand soap that will keep your hand clean and moisturized.
  • 2 - Foaming Hand Soaps (Pick Your Own)
  • 1 - Hand Cream (Pick Your Own)